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The RC MULTISOUNDBOMB will totally transform your RC experience! Electric RC vehicles now represent a huge part of the radio-controlled industry, but gas-versions are still popular for providing a more exciting experience that includes engine sounds. What if we told you that an electric vehicle could sound much better than those? Just as loud and awesome as a real car or truck! That is exactly what the MULTISOUNDBOMB does; it is the world’s first Customizable Engine Sound Simulator for Electric RC Vehicles.

The new RC MULTISOUNDBOMB for the HPI E-10 and Tamiya TT-01 offers engine sounds that are much more attractive and a true and better simulation of real engine sounds than anything you’ve ever heard. The simple construction also makes installation very quick and easy. Other engine sound simulation devices also exist but are high-priced and most don’t produce a sound that is as realistic or as effective in improving the radio-controlled car experience. The Multisoundbomb is entirely mechanical and doesn't use any electronics.


Dedicated to serving you with quality & value and more passionate about RC driving than any, our product developers are highly skilled and have many other RC upgrades in the works. Most of all: they love cars, trucks, boats and any other high-performance vehicle and care about your improved RC experience enough to continue to develop and market innovative Hop-ups that will take your enjoyment of RC vehicles to a whole new level. Our test labs have already sprouted some impressive prototypes like a Tamiya TT-01 1/10 scale chassis transformed into an F-1 race car with the same awesomely high-pitched fastest car in the world kind of sound you would only expect coming out of a real one. Projected Multisoundbomb models include one for the Traxxas XO-1, the world's fastest Ready-To-Race Supercar that can go from 0 to 100mph in under 5 seconds! Also be on the look-out for a kit designed for the new 1/10 Rally from the same company. The 1/10 scale on road 4WD chassis from Vaterra is also being considered along with many other 4WD chassis of different scales on today’s market. 

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For many years we’ve been striving to develop a simple and affordable way to give electric vehicles the awesome engine sounds they truly deserve for their contribution in keeping our planet clean and healthy. We are continuingly developing new products to provide our clients with an exponentially better quality experience provided by their beloved rides. Our team is also working on full-size vehicle applications and they’ve shown promising results.

Customizable Engine Sound Simulator for RC vehicles


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